Bridal bouquet. What should be and how to comply bride?

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500-153672-847__1Any modern bride should know that white is no longer obligatory color for the dress and all the accessories to it, and the bouquet. Together with the traditional colors white and ecru are already being used as the main or additional – elegant pink, soft green, pale purple, etc., And a bolder brides are oriented towards red. With your choice you brides should express your personal taste and feeling. But any bouquet you choose, it must be consistent with the style of the wedding dress and the whole wedding. Decorate the car, the church and the restaurant are made from the same Wedding Flowers Costco or from other species, but in the same colors and shades, because you have to match. When choosing the size and shape of the Wedding Flowers Costco should know the following:

  1. It is preferable to select the format of the bouquet according to your figure. On a small and fine women do not go very high volume or bouquets for them is more suitable round bouquet .It is considered standard and old-fashioned, but it can be very beautiful and different, filled in countless variations. If you are very high or large, elongated or a lavish bouquet can distract from your figure and it drew upon himself.
  2. 500-162131-847__1Bouquet must comply with the outfit. If the dress you have chosen is asymmetrical lines, simple and clear, it is the bouquet to be repaid, with fall foliage and one to three types of flowers in a range. If your dress is magnificent, with many tulle, lace or satin and widely branched in length skirts and bouquet it should be opulent, rich even and circular.
  3. Selection of flowers should be consistent with the season in which the wedding will be. If you want spring flowers tulips and freesia you know that although imported all the way from the Netherlands, they are not present on the market throughout the year. If you want lily of the valley, squill or daisies will have to marry in May, orchids lacking in the country in July and August, then you have the greatest variety of lilies. For the decoration of your wedding you can choose between more mud, gladioli, gerberas, eustma, Alstromeria, Anthurium, amarilisa ranunkulus, ornitogalum, carnations, chrysanthemums and many different types of roses. In Florist will consult on the proposed season flowers and will help you select the most appropriate. You should know that if you want something special, is not there in the season, it must be ordered at least a month earlier.

Do not be afraid to be different and do not limit the traditions. Bouquet you can be and only an impressive flower lily, orchid, amarilis may be a link freesias, tulips or roses just tied with satin ribbon, also artistic ball of delicate flowers elegantly hanging on the wrist, purse or sail artfully arranged flowers and greenery. Put natural flowers in their hair or bouquet as a bracelet on your wrist is also a great idea.

As we all know, your wedding day and your wedding celebration are memories for life. Not only for you but for all of your relatives, guests and friends who will live it and share with you. Wedding Flowers Costco is pleased to provide different solutions and options from which you can benefit.

Wedding-Flowers-Boquettes-grayFlowers are ephemeral beauty, but in contrast, they give you a lot of beauty, charm and undeniable impact! Wedding Flowers Costco florists will engage in responsible and very important task to clothe and give it the desired look to your wedding. Each flower is beautiful, but there is crucial way it is presented. Wedding Flowers Costco professionals have rich experience and excellent knowledge of respectable and aesthetic taste. Bridal bouquet, decoration of wedding car decoration wedding table and tables of guests, various arrangements and everything you need, made of flowers-is made especially for you. So do not hesitate to contact Wedding Flowers Costco!